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Do you want the benefits of Windows 10 but don't like the cludge of start button with Cortana, here's the answer: Start10.It's not free but you do get a 30 day trial and if you buy it's only $4.99https://www.stardock.com/products/start10/ ...

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Now it's out in the wild you might have been brave enough to be one of the early adopters of this latest incarnation of Windows; if you are you might want to have a look at what Microsoft is gathering from you.Windows 10 is faster and more secure than ever but having looked at Google and Apple Microsoft has opted to start gathering information on...

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One of our clients has a new accounting application that causes Outlook to propup a security message to on sending emails, we followed a couple of guides and how to change this via group policy but it wasn't effective. A bit more digging showed that the articles referenced all missed a vital step - you need to set the outlook security mode to group policy. ...

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