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We hate the way that BT Openreach forces providers to warn that they will bill £140-150 punds if they find a fault is due to customer equipment or cabling or they can't gain entry, you accept that as you have no choice and then they don't turn up when booked . Now you'll get automatic compensation, all £25 of it - where did they get that...

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We use lastpass (referral link https://lastpass.com/f?7222456 ) with two factor authentication. There is a free option to let you try it out. This journalist thinks they are a good option and will help you stop reusing passwords and start using very secure passwords https://www.theverge.com/…/best-password-manager-1password-…. Of course this is just a stop gap until we get the option of a chip in the back of the neck or hand.  ...

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We often get enquiries for recovering data from dropped laptops or failed hard drives, of course a good backup plan would avoid the need for data recovery, but when recovery is needed we use always Kroll Ontrack's services. They have a facility in Epsom, supported by global teams that can recover data from pretty much anything. Here's an article one one of their recovery jobs: https://www.krollontrack.co.uk/blog/survival-stories/how-kroll-ontrack-recovered-data-from-the-columbia-space-shuttle-disaster...

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