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Is your business at risk of disaster?


Protect files and folders

Protect large data stores (security video, images, CAD, X-Ray, etc.)

Local and cloud storage of critical data

Collect data from multiple locations in a central NAS for backup and replication to the cloud

Complement to existing business continuity solutions

Fully Managed service

Backup or Business Continuity?

Have you reviewed your business to understand what systems and data you have and how critical each of them is to the daily functioning of your business? You need to know what you have to be able to protect it and your business.

For every set of data and system identified you need to define how quickly you need it back running, we call this the Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and what level of data loss is acceptable, we call this the Recovery Point Objective (RPO). Imagine you run a full backup at 18:00 daily and a critical system fails at 17:30 you will lose a days data/work – it that acceptable to your business? You might operate in a regulated industry which requires you to meet certain standards, do you know what they are?

Business Data Backup

You might have a backup process in place, but are your sure it capturing all of your critical systems, have team members got files stored on machines that aren’t part of your backup?

Are you running backups often enough through the day to ensure that you have a small window of unprotected data, the Recovery Point Objective or RPO?

Have you got processes in place to test the integrity of your backups on daily basis?

Have you run a full recovery test to ensure that you can actually get all the data back and understand how long it will take if you are downloading huge datasets from cloud based storage, this is the Recovery Time Objective or RTO.

Business Continuity

Building on a good and tested backup strategy you are now moving into Business Continuity. Having identified your business needs, implemented the required level of protection for your critical systems you can now plan to bring everything together to keep your business running should the worst happen. When planning you need to address risks,  both physical and logical – think building fires and ransomware attacks, they could both stop your business trading.

Large businesses will have the resources to address these issues and can afford expensive redundant systems, hot sites and the like, in the SMB world we need to right size of solutions to get the best levels of protection within the budget available and might need to use a range of technologies to support the plan.

Want to quantity what business system failures might costs your business, our partners at datto have a handy online tool here: http://tools.datto.com/uk/rto/ – the numbers can be quite scary but the cost of doing nothing could well be business failure.

Business & Cyber Insurance

Many business insurance policies include a level of business interruption cover, do you know what your policy covers and more importantly what steps your insurance company expects you to take to mitigate risk? With the growth in ransomware businesses often look for greater protection and have added cyber insurance cover, again do you know what this covers and most importantly what you are required to do to protect your business?

Our Business Solutions

We have a range of solutions that can be deployed to protect your business:

  • Endpoint protection – anti-virus/malware for computers
  • Email Security – scanning messages for malware, links to infected websites
  • Staff training – regular updates and training modules to prepare your team
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery for on-premises systems – full protection, with local and cloud storage for fast recovery
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery for cloud systems – full protection, with alternative cloud storage for fast recovery

Want to protect your business? Call us now on 01342 363000 or email help@ashdownsolutions.co.uk and we’ll meet with you and guide you through protecting your business.

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