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Internet Security

Internet Security



Guest WiFi

DNS Filtering – Another Level of Internet Security

DNSFilter is a cloud-based, AI-driven content filtering and threat protection service, that can be deployed and configured in minutes, with no software installation necessary.

How does DNSFilter work?

Our product uses the Domain Name System (DNS) protocol, referred to popularly as the “phonebook of the internet”. When applications on your network make domain-name requests, these requests are sent to our servers, where they are matched against our threat feeds and your policy settings. If a request is to a malicious/blocked domain, the user is diverted. This ensures that unwanted activity is cutoff at the root, because the request never makes it to the blocked/infected domain. It also comprehensively covers all devices on your network, from servers and computers to printers and tablets – because DNS is essential for most network connections to be established.


Where you can increase security with DNS Filtering

DNSFilter can be used in a large variety of scenarios, from a single roaming computer to a multi-national corporation with satellite offices. Any organization that needs filtering and protection from internet threats can be supported by DNSFilter.


We understand that as a business, you want to eliminate time spent disinfecting and reinstalling computers by preventing new malicious threats from being accessed, and neutralize any existing threats already on the computers. You want to block access to employee time-wasters like Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter, as well as bandwidth hogs like YouTube and Netflix.

DNSFilter provides all these features in a simple, easy to use dashboard, which is backed by a global network of fast DNS servers. Let us handle protecting your perimeter and keeping your bandwidth costs low.

Public/Guest WiFi

Coffee shops, Airbnb hosts, churches, and hotels are often rampant for malicious activity because the devices on the network change frequently and users may not have current and effective anti-malware solutions on their devices. Add to this that users may often desire to access inappropriate content while on a guest WiFi. With DNSFilter, you can prevent malicious activity and ensure that your users, no matter what devices they are using, are restricted to online content that you deem appropriate.


The IT Department is often the last consideration in a school district’s budget. Yet, the government mandate of CIPA means that you have a responsibility to protect your students from inappropriate content. DNSFilter can ensure that you stay within regulation and protect your students from the growing list of internet threats.

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