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Microsoft Office 365 for your Business


Ashdown Solutions is proud to be Microsoft-accredited and to endorse Office 365, said by many to be the world’s best productivity suite – a set of technological tools that will save you time and make your business run more efficiently.

We have to hand it to Microsoft. In their field, they are simply the best. They invest vast amounts of time and money into research so they can create innovative hardware and software, while continuing to support everything that precedes it. Office 365 is a product of that dedication. Ashdown Solutions will manage the Office 365 set up for you and a seamless migration of your data from your existing system.

What’s Office 365 all about?

Today’s working environment has become a global and increasingly virtual affair. Office 365 has been developed to meet those new challenges for small and medium-sized businesses.

Office 365 is what’s known as a SaaS (Software as a Service). It’s licensed on a cloud subscription basis which has many advantages for you as a consumer, delivering software and technical services that could otherwise be cost-prohibitive and hard for small companies to manage on site.

It’s not a case of one-size-fits-all. Microsoft has produced a range of suites to meet every business requirement and budget, giving you the flexibility to scale up or down as required.

Here are the key features on offer:

Shared access around the world, anytime on any device

All the latest Office applications

Your corporate data stored on the cloud so cannot be lost

Great security, constantly updated

The option of business grade emails

Want to control your business branding?

Want to have common email footers and signature formats on all your outbound messages – we’ve got that covered with Exclaimer Cloud.

You can customise the layout or messages at aytime using a simple editor to add news, offers etc.

Want to know more?

Microsoft, needless to say, produces masses of information about each of its new products. Here is a quick Ashdown Solutions snapshot of Office 365 – not a comprehensive guide – just so you can get a flavour of it without having to wade through countless pages of explanation.

Shared access around the world – and around the clock

No matter where your offices are located, no matter which country you’re visiting – thanks to cloud-based technology, you and your colleagues will be able to access all the files, programs and applications you have on your own office-based computers, on any device of your choosing. (Yes, even Mac devices!)

You and your team will be able to work simultaneously on one document as though you’re in the same office, not separated by thousands of miles.
What’s available with Office 365?
You’ll have all the latest Office 2016 applications, updated automatically:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Outlook
  • OneNote
  • Access
  • Publisher

You’ll have business-grade email, shared calendars and online meetings…oh, and a guaranteed 99.9% uptime, perfect for workaholics!

You can also access Skype for Business, making and receiving calls, giving presentations and holding online meetings for up to 250 people, just to mention a few of the features.

What about Office 365 security?

Security breaches for small businesses mainly result from out-of-date software and loss of a device or data through damage, theft or, let’s be honest, employee carelessness…and it can be extremely costly for your business and your reputation.

Office 365 mitigates the effects of such disasters.

You have 1 TB of business storage space on OneDrive, so if you drop your phone in the bath or leave your laptop on the bus, you can still access your files from any other device. You also benefit from Microsoft’s own compliance and security capabilities – in reality, bigger and better than anything your company could ever run to.

What’s a business grade email?

Emerging businesses, for reasons of economy, very often make use of a free email service. While this is fine to begin with, a dedicated business email solution like Microsoft’s Exchange Online is a big step up for efficiency, with a more professional feel – and it doesn’t have to blow your budget either.

Extra features

Integration with Outlook means the email experience will be familiar – yet greatly enhanced with:

  • Custom email addresses
  • Cloud storage space – no more full in-boxes or data loss
  • Tools to enable collaboration
  • Easy accessibility from any device, anywhere
  • Anti-malware and anti-spam filtering – advanced protection against viruses, spam and phishing attacks, monitored 24/7
  • No ads (hoorah!)

Cost-effective option

Aside from the extra features which will make your business run more smoothly with less effort from you, it seems counter-intuitive to believe that something you pay for is more cost-effective than a free service – but think on this:

If your current (free) email service goes down then it’s panic stations and your IT expert or team is pulled away from important business-specific tasks to engage in a frustrating damage limitation exercise – frustrating because it’s largely out of their control. Not to mention the worry of lost business and annoyed customers…

Exchange Online takes away that strain, with spare servers so your business can carry on while the problem is sorted by an elite team of IT wizards.

In conclusion – Exchange Online will allow you to operate your business, safe in the knowledge that your email system is handled, looks professional, and your data is backed up, accessible and protected from people with malicious intent.

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