Beginners Guide to VOIP

VoIP is an acronym and stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. Put simply, VoIP is a means of vocal communication over an internet connection. If you have a good quality internet connection, you will be able to use VoIP to make voice calls instead of using your landline.

What are the benefits of a VoIP phone?

With VoIP, phone numbers can move easily with employers, so if you have an office reshuffle, the same number comes through to the same employee even if they’re sitting at a different desk or working from home.

VoIP also incorporates older technologies, such as faxing, called IP faxing. With no more need for paper and toner, you can send and receive faxes using the email account you already have with a hosted VoIP system.

VoIP also saves you money. Installation is cheap and very simple; you will not need to pay anyone to come and do it for you. And the calls themselves are all made via your internet connection, so there are no additional costs to making calls, not even international ones.

VoIP also integrates well with other computer systems. Which means you can make outgoing calls through Outlook and other email clients. You can also call up customer records automatically when you receive a customer call.

What is an example of a VoIP?

Many apps for smartphones now use VoIP to make calls, some examples are Whatsapp, Google Phone, Google Group Chat, FaceBook Video and Voice Chat and Skype. These are all examples of a hosted VoIP service: you install the software and the client provides the infrastructure. This solution is ideal for smaller companies, or when you are not expecting a high volume of calls.

For companies dealing with a large amount of calls, a more viable solution is a self-hosted VoIP system. This requires installation and means you are now dealing with your own call delivery, but you will also have more control and be able to customise processes.

What is a VoIP phone number used for?

A VoIP phone number looks and works exactly the same as an ordinary phone number. A VoIP number is dialled just like any other number and is used to connect you to a certain person. However, your call will be connected through an internet connection and reach the other person via a device such as a VoIP phone, or laptop or Smartphone via a VoIP application.

What are the advantages of using VOIP?

Aside from saving costs and being able to make long-distance and international calls without incurring additional expenses, VoIP allows employees to integrate calls easily with computer programmes. With VoIP, you can share your screen with the person you are talking to and quickly send weblinks and saved documents giving your communications more clarity.

Can you send a text to a VOIP number?

Yes, with a VoIP provider, or installed app, you can use your phone to send and receive an SMS. This facility is normally included in your service but there may be an additional cost with some providers.

How does a VOIP phone system work?

VoIP allows you to connect to the telephone network via your internet connection. In the same way a standard analog telephone connection converts your voice and transmits it via the phone line to the recipient, VoIP simply carries the data over the internet instead.

Why VOIP is important?

VoIP is important because it is the biggest communication progress-jump since the invention of the telephone itself. With the internet now being practically ubiquitous in modern life, we can use high speed data connections to communicate all over the world. And with VoIP we are no longer limited to simple audio communication, it is now possible to send data and images as we speak, and even hold virtual conferences with each participant sitting in an office in a different country.

Is Skype a VOIP phone service?

Skype is both a VoIP service and a VoIP app. So, what is the difference? A VoIP service is a phone service offered by the provider to its customers. You use your own VoIP equipment, phone, VoIP adapter, VoIP client to make and receive calls through the VoIP service. VoIP apps, on the other hand, are programmes which you install on your computer or Smartphone that allow you to make calls. See our list of suggested VoIP apps below.

Is VOIP the same as a landline?

Your traditional landline connects one phone to the public telephone switch network through physical phone lines (PSTN or POTS), which then connects you to your final destination via the circuit-switching parts of the networks. VoIP uses an IP phone to make calls over the Internet. VoIP hardware converts the sound waves into data packets and transmits them to the target destination.

How much does VOIP cost per month?

As long as you have a good internet connection and the correct audio equipment, a wireless or corded VoIP headset, then VoIP is free once you’ve installed it. If your company requires a VoIP service because you handle a large amount of calls then you will certainly pay much less than via a standard connection. Some companies have reported savings of up to 90% compared to traditional landline connections.

What is the best VOIP app?

With a VoIP app, you can use your Smartphone to make international calls to anyone else around the world with the same app installed. So, what are some of the best VoIP apps you can install?

  • Viber – One of the best Android VoIP apps available on Google Play, Viber will send you push notifications about incoming messages, and it delivers good HD audio connections.
  • WeTalk – Available on the Apple Apps store, WeTalk can also be installed on an iPod Touch or iPad. Push notifications keep you informed of incoming calls and you can also send messages.
  • Skype – Probably the most widely known VoIP app Skype offers crystal-clear video combined with enhanced sound and an intuitive interface. Upgrading to the Premium service also allows you to make calls to analog landlines.
  • iCall – Ideal for small business, iCall can be downloaded from the Apple App store installed on your iPhone and allows you to place as many calls as you want to fellow iCall users for free. With the premium version, you can call landlines and mobile numbers as well.

Is Whatsapp on VOIP?

Whatsapp started as a messaging system but then added a VoIP application which means users can now call each other for free inside the app when both caller and recipient have a good quality internet connection.

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