Virtual CIO

Virtual CIO (vCIO)

vCIO, an acronym for Virtual Chief Information Officer, is an organisation or contractor that works as a company’s chief information officer (CIO) but as a third-party, as opposed to in-house. Unlike the traditional role of a one-man CIO, most vCIO’s consist of tech experts with the primary aim of collaborating with the clients, advising them, and performing tasks traditionally associated with the CIO. 

Your vCIO will become your strategic partner in leveraging technology to achieve your business goals. This service goes beyond traditional IT support, offering a comprehensive approach to managing your IT infrastructure and cybersecurity. 

Virtual CIO



Plan the technology roadmap and create budgets


Remain aware of the business' goals as to propose relevant technology solutions to accomplish them


Increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of IT processes within the business
Specialist Advice

Specialist Advice

Advise on best IT and cybersecurity practices and keep the company aware of technological trends relevant to their industry

What we do

At Ashdown Solutions we provide vCIO services to businesses of all types and for a variety of reasons. Since the role of a CIO can vary from one business to another, we understand that our role as a Virtual CIO must be adaptable. With Ashdown Solutions, businesses can get all the flexibility they require for their IT systems and networks. Ashdown Solutions has all the skills to ensure your business’s entire IT infrastructure, support strategy and future planning needs are met.  

How we do it

A vCIO service means being able to take on a decision-making position within the business as well as offering straightforward support and recommendations. Our wealth of technical expertise allows us to implement crucial cybersecurity practices and IT systems, advise on automations to improve business processes, or simply keep your business up to date with regulatory compliance. There are many ways in which out vCIO service can benefit your organisation. We work alongside or in place of your current IT team and embed ourselves without disruption. 



Expert guidance so your IT systems meet your business goals.
Hiring a vCIO is more cost effective than a CIO, especially for SMB’s.
Your vCIO helps maximise the return on IT investments, optimises technology and streamlines business processes.
A vCIO gives you flexible service options so you receive as much or as little assistance as your company needs.
Providing guidance on a range of topics such as disaster recovery, managed cloud services, cybersecurity and hardware and software procurement.

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