Business Internet Connections

Business Internet Connections

Getting you the best business broadband connection for your location and requirements.

We are sure you have much better things to do then to find the best broadband service for your business, which is why we have done it for you. Through our partners, Zen Internet and Sharedband, we offer a range of connectivity solutions to keep you online.

We know we will make your business broadband connection work to its optimum, so you can get on with running your business.

Our team of experts will discuss your business needs and will recommend a connection from the below options:

ADSL – it may be the slowest, but it generally has the best availability
FTTC – has great value and performance and is more suitable for town or city locations
G.Fast – a superfast service delivered quickly over the existing network with download speeds of up to 330Mbps
FTTP – a fibre connection that goes directly into your premises and has up to 900Mbps download speeds
Bonded broadband – combines ASDL or FFTC lines for great connectivity in rural locations
Leased Line – from 10Mbps to 1,000Mbps. It’s not cheap, but can be really, really fast and has superfast fault resolution times to keep you working


Our expertise will get the best connection for your business
Gives a faster connection than a standard domestic package
Excellent service agreements giving priority engineer support
Receive a solution that keeps downtime to a minimum
Receive a static IP address – essential for website hosting and remote working

Want to know more about our Broadband Services?

How is business broadband different?

Due to the number of people connecting at one time, business broadband provides a much more stable connection than standard home packages with less slowdowns when traffic levels increase.

How much does business broadband cost?

This does depend on the service and connection your business has, but it can start from £30 per month.

I’m a rural business, how can I be assured of good connectivity?

We would recommend looking at new 4G packages or Bonded Broadband. We see this problem every day in locations that have slow ADSL broadband links and no access to the fibre (FTTC) broadband.

A 4G router and data package can now provide a fast, unlimited connection to your office, and it is quick to install and very cost effective.

Sharedband technology allows us to link between two and six ADSL broadband lines to make it look like a single fat pipe to the internet. This gives us a simple and cost-effective way to get more bandwidth for your business.

Downtime is not an option for my business, how can you guarantee connectivity?

You would need the Leased Line option. It is a bit more pricey than other connections, but if downtime would be detrimental, then the extra cost is worth it. Your business would have its own dedicated line that is not shared with other businesses or residents in your area. This means you have a fixed bandwidth, so the connection will not slow down during busy times of the day.

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