Working from Home IT Support

Working from Home IT Support

IT and communication solutions that allow your team members to be efficient and productive no matter their working location.

The way we go to work is changing. With remote working now commonplace, it is vital your business IT infrastructure is set up to support it. We have a number of solutions that will allow employees to work from a laptop at home as if they were sitting at their desk in the office, as well as answer a call on their mobile to speak to someone who has rung your company landline number.

VoIP communications 

VoIP communications 

Office 365

Office 365

Cloud-based solutions

Cloud-based solutions

Remote IT support

Remote IT support

What we do

We will visit you and chat about your requirements to learn what systems you have a in place already and what is needed to ensure your employees can continue to be productive when working from home. We promise to only recommend what you need and will not advise upgrading something if it is not needed.

How we do it

We have a number of cost-effective solutions that depend on the equipment your employees use to work remotely. These include using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) which is a secure data connection line, providing TeamViewer licenses (which are free of charge), and installing a VoIP communications system to allow your team to access their onsite desk phone from their mobile phone, as well as more!


Allows employees to connect directly to their onsite computer using a secure line
Same VoIP communication system can be used across multiple locations
Users able to make a call, hold a video conference or send a message on the go from an app
New team member locations can be created in the system in minutes
Cloud-based Office 365 means files can be accessed anywhere, anytime and on any device

Remote working IT helpdesk keeping your employees productive

Your team will receive the same dedicated IT support when working remotely as if they were in the office.

Email – Create a ticket by emailing our service desk
Phone – Report a problem by speaking with one of our support team
Access – Allow our team to access your computer to fix a problem

How can you help my team remain connected when working remotely?

A VoIP phone system means your team can receive calls made to the company business line and make calls from your business number using an app on their mobile. It also allows employees to still dial extension numbers to speak to each other and set up conference calls.

Microsoft Teams is an Office 365 programme and means your team can instantly message each other, one to one, or in group chats, and hold video conferencing.

What happens if one of our team has an IT issue?

They contact us exactly the same as they would if they were office-based. We can support them on the phone or via email, and can access their system, even when they work remotely, to fix a problem.

Can my team access and share business data and files when working remotely?

We are able to implement solutions extremely quickly which allow your team to connect to their work computers either via a Virtual Private Network (VPN) line, or by providing TeamViewer licences (which are free of charge). These enable your team to use the files and systems that are on their office-based computer via a laptop or computer at home. You can read more on our working from home case study.

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