2022 March Tech Newsletter

March 2022 Technology news and hints & tips

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CyberSecurity The Russian Threat

CyberSecurity - The world today is dishing out surreal challenges, the likes of which are rarely seen in a lifetime and yet we are being subjected to two traumatic disasters in really close succession.


September Tech Talk Newsletter

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August Tech Talk Newsletter

Your company phones are a big risk to your data security. What steps are you taking to keep phones protected from threats like cyber-attacks and data theft? We cover all this and more in the latest Ashdown Solutions Tech Talk.

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July Tech Talk Newsletter

In this month’s newsletter, we discuss the power of digital detoxing. We also look at the actions you can take to make sure your IT systems are not already under attack.

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Free money for computer equipment


June Tech Talk Newsletter

In June's Tech Talk Newsletter we discuss IT strategies and the importance of your business having one. We also talk about 'smishing', what it is and how it could effect your business.

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Outlook: print attachments automatically

Need to print PDF files in emails that match some inbox rules criteria using Outlook?

Print PDF attachments from an Outlook inbox rule using VBA code

5 items you need when working from home

Here are 5 gadgets that will improve your work from home set up, and boost productivity and comfort.

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May Tech Talk Newsletter

In this months Tech Talk we discuss the ways in which your business could be automated, we also give you some top tips on Microsoft One Note to make sure you are getting the most out of the app.

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