April 2024 Tech Talk Newsletter

This month's Tech Talk Newsletter covers essential topics for staying safe online. It advises caution when scanning QR codes, explains Microsoft Security Copilot for better digital security, and predicts cybersecurity trends for 2024.

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March 2024 Tech Talk Newsletter

In this month's Tech Talk Newsletter, we delve into the critical topic of data breaches and their significant impact on businesses. Additionally, we explore the often-overlooked risks associated with browser extension.

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Competency Assessment

We're still looking for great tech to join our team, meanwhile we've been looking at competency assessment for new hires

competency assessment

Job vacancy

We're looking for an experienced technical support engineer to join our team based in East Grinstead

job vacancy

February 2024 Tech Talk Newsletter

In the February Tech Talk Newsletter, we cover the Top Data Breaches of 2023, Microsoft 365's new AI innovations, the tangible value of cybersecurity, and practical approaches to workforce technology modernisation.

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11 Ways to Get Rid of Electronics

In our tech-driven world, electronic devices have become indispensable. But with constant upgrades, what happens to the old gadgets? They tend to pile up and eat up storage space. But you can’t just throw them in the bin.

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6 Technology Trends Changing the Way We Work

Technology is reshaping the world of work at an unprecedented pace. From artificial intelligence to cybersecurity, from the metaverse to the hybrid work model. We are witnessing a series of technological revolutions.

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January 2024 Tech Talk Newsletter

This month's Tech Talk newsletter is packed with insights on 2024 Emerging Technology Threats, addressing ways to enhance your cybersecurity measures in light of The New SEC Cybersecurity Requirements.

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December 2023 Tech Talk Newsletter

Organising your cybersecurity strategy may seem daunting, but in Decembers Tech Talk Newsletter, we break down cybersecurity and show you how to organise your cyber security strategy into left and right of boom.

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What Is the Most Secure Way to Share Passwords with Employees

Breached or stolen passwords are the bane of any organisation’s cybersecurity and cause 80% of data breaches. However, since you can’t get around passwords, how do you share them with employees safely?

What is the most secure way to share passwords with employees?