Should I Move My Business to The Cloud: Cost?

This is one of a series of articles written in plain English aimed at helping SMB business owners and managers understand technology. This article covers technology costs of buying you own server versus using a cloud based service such as Microsoft 365

Cost: local vs cloud

September 2023 Tech Talk Newsletter

In this months Tech Talk Newsletter we tell you how to spot LinkedIn sales bots, we delve into Microsoft Designer and discuss the tech trends and technologies that can help your small business run better and fuel growth.

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A List of Common Technology Abbreviations

In today's fast-paced tech landscape, abbreviations and acronyms are like a secret language that tech enthusiasts and professionals effortlessly exchange. Use this list as your tech dictionary!

Common Tech Abbreviations

Microsoft 365: Hidden Values

In today's business landscape, SMEs are constantly seeking ways to become more efficient. Microsoft offers a trio of powerful tools - Planner, Forms, and Bookings - that can provide significant changes for businesses looking to enhance this.

The Hidden Powers of Microsoft 365

Why Endpoint Detection and Response is Essential for Business Cyber Security

Here's a quick article to help you understand what Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is, and why it is essential for your business.

Why you need Endpoint Detection and Response

Smart Tips to Keep Money From Being Stolen Through Online Banking

The ability to bank from your phone and PC is super convenient. But that convenience comes at a security cost. Find out what you can do to reduce your risk of having your money stolen via online banking. #OnlineBankingSecurity #CloudSecurity

Online banking tips

Why you should think twice before tracking your remote workers activity

If you’re thinking about using digital employee monitoring, you may want to think twice. An activity-tracking app could actually lower productivity and morale. #EmployeeMonitoring #EmployeeTracking #BusinessApps

Think twice before tracking your remote workers

How to choose an IT Support provider

Managing data and IT solutions in-house can be challenging and expensive. That's why many organizations turn to Outsource IT Support Providers (MSP), here's what you need to lookout for

How to choose your IT Support Provider (MSP)

2022 CyberEssentials renewal

We've completed our 2022 CyberEssentials renewal

2022 CyberEssentials Renewal

2022 October Tech Newsletter

Tech News for business owners/managers

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