Working from home phones

Communication in your business before COVID-19

A traditional small and medium-sized business phone system has historically been an on-premises switchboard, which did not support the remote working practices we now need. Phone handsets are tied to a proprietary PABX and once removed from the office, have no way to connect.

How to get remote working communications

For businesses with on-premises PABX, as a short term, they could set team members extensions to divert to mobile phones. This would allow staff to receive business calls, but it would incur call charges and they wouldn’t be able to make outbound calls using the company phone number.

Better solutions to voice communications

The best answer to modern business communications is to move to a hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) based system. Team members can be setup with handsets that connect to a cloud-based phone system, which will work anywhere they have an internet connection.

Where a business needs to get things running quickly, staff members could operate without a handset and use a softphone application, which is a programme for making telephone calls over the internet using a computer. Our VoIP platform also provides a fully functional app to run on mobile phones that can make and receive calls over 3/4/5G or WiFi. It operates exactly as a normal handset and, as it is cloud and internet based, works anywhere the user has a data connection.

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