Business Cyber Security

Business Cyber Security

Give your business IT another level of internet protection.

There are a number of threats out there, which are getting more and more sophisticated every day. We get that as a business you want to eliminate any downtime caused by security threats. We therefore recommend two industry-leading systems to ensure your company is protected. DNSFilter is a cloud-based, AI-driven content filtering and threat protection service that will block malicious websites, and SecureNow provides customised security awareness training to employees through an online portal.

Block malicious websites

Block malicious websites

Cut-off unwanted activity before it gets through

Cut-off unwanted activity before it gets through

Filter out harmful content

Filter out harmful content

Keep employees security aware

Keep employees security aware

Suitable for all businesses operating in any industry

Suitable for all businesses operating in any industry

What we do

We would only recommend industry-leading systems that we trust and we know will give your business the protection it needs. DNSFilter and SecureNow are our recommendations following extensive research, and both offer comprehensive IT security.

How we do it

We could go into a lot of technical information about how DNS – or domain name system – works, but you probably just want to know that we can configure our recommended systems within minutes, so you receive instant protection.

IT security threats kept at bay with DNSFilter

DNSFilter protects your employees from security threats and inappropriate content meaning you will not lose business time when computers need cleaning and reinstalling.

Block unwanted activity

Unwanted activity is halted at the root by diverting any request to visit a website or email address that is blocked. As it works on all networked devices, whether that’s servers, computers, tablets or printers, your business will be comprehensively covered.

IT security for any business

DNSFilter is a perfect IT security solution for any organisation, from office-based businesses, to schools, as well as cafes, hotels and churches where new devices will frequently connect to a network. It is cloud-based, so needs no software installation and our expert team will configure your systems within minutes to get you protected instantly.

How SecureNow can make your staff more security aware

SecureNow helps your staff identify IT security threats. We will create a company branded online portal that your team can connect to and take part in bespoke security awareness training.

Security focused modules

Employees complete modules on a range of subjects, such as simulated phishing exercises, and you will receive assessment data so you can see where security breaches could occur. This helps us to recommend the right services to strengthen your IT security.

Dark web breach assessment

Through SecureNow you can also carry out a dark web breach assessment that allows you to evaluate and identify potential exposure that may be putting your business at risk.

Do you know what IT security risks could affect your business?

We will:

Find the best solution to keep your data and systems safe from security breaches
Work with you to develop a security policy that identifies rules and procedures for everyone who accesses your network to follow
Provide your business with dark web monitoring and protection against malware, ransomware and phishing
Help your employees recognise threats with ongoing awareness training so they do not become victims of an IT security attack


DNSFilter: Protects all devices that access your network, including computers, printers and tablets
DNSFilter: Features an easy to use dashboard
DNSFilter: Prevents malicious activity by restricting access to content not deemed appropriate
SecureNow: Ensures staff are regularly trained to avoid common security threats
SecureNow: Offers real-word security training modules

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